Posted by: rcandy | January 30, 2008

Pro 4 Hop-Ups, Bits and Pieces

Bought some new bits and pieces for the Pro 4 earlier this week:

Steel Dogbones

Although not as light as the aluminium ones, nor as strong as the titanium ones these dogbones will work as a medium between the two. I intend to use the hardened steel ones for club racing, and save the lighter TIR titanium CVD’s for bigger events. These are normally £30 a pack, so the two i got for a tenner off of eBay (yet again) were a steal.

HPI Steel Dogbones

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Posted by: rcandy | January 29, 2008

Dudley Radio Car Club Winter Series Round 2 Race Report

On Sunday 20th January 2008 i raced in round two of Dudley Radio Car Club’s Winter Series. I entered my Pro 4 into the stock tourer class with thirteen other entrants, and two spec racers. The day would consist of four qualifier rounds and then a final. We were to race on a mixture of low-grip carpet and polished wood floor, which was bad because i was packing slicks. My buddy however was kind enough to lend me a set of his mini-pins (thanks Tom, Martin) which provided superior grip on the dusty surfaces.

The Track From Above

After three mediocre rounds i switched my rally blocks on the front to min-pins and tried a run with pins all-round. The car was allot more responsive and had allot more grip, thus i was pleased to be able to qualify eighth in the ‘A’ final, against stiff opposition.

In the final i got off to a good start and gained a place by the first corner. Amazingly everyone made it through unscathed and i was able to climb to fifth, however Tom put allot of pressure on me, forced me wide and was able to get past. I finished a respectable sixth of sixteen for my class.

Posted by: rcandy | January 29, 2008

Custom Decals Are Here!

My custom name decals are finally here, courtesy of Max-Gfx.

Name Decals

Posted by: rcandy | January 29, 2008

A Rare Find

I have finally picked up a Williams FW18 shell for my Tamiya F1 collection.  These shells are very hard to get hold of (i have only ever seen one other one in the wild before) so i was fortunate enough to pick up this Jacques Villeneuve model at a silly price off of eBay.

Williams FW18Williams FW18 WheelWilliams FW18 Cockpit

Thats the good news, unfortunately however its a little scuffed all-round, and has suffered some pretty bad damage to the rear wing which it held together by glue.  The aforementioned wing is also not the original, as it is missing the extended “arms” that wrap around the rear wheels.  However, the seller did include the “Goodyear Eagle” tyre and wheel decals which i have also been after for a while.

All in all a worthy purchase.

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