Posted by: rcandy | May 21, 2011

3Racing TA05 Chassis V3

Presenting my 3Racing V3 chassis upgrade for my TA05.  When I last posted I was running a HPI Pro 4 (which has since retired to Australia of all places) but am now rocking a Tamiya TA05-R and a TA05-IFS setup for wet conditions.  The chassis itself seems to be amde out of a pretty high quality carbon fibre and looks the part.  My only compalint thus far is that the upper deck configuration really restricts access to fundamental areas of the car such as the diff housings and even the pinion gear.  This will of course be offset by the benefits of a stiffer chassis configuration (one hopes!) but I cant help thinking if the dimensions were slightly less generous that access would be much easier – it remains to be seen how much of a headache this will cause.  For now just enjoy the pictures – I’ve ran some of the JR leads through the motor heat sink vents which hides them from view pretty nicely:


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